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  • Liability Protection

    Incorporating your project into a business in Joseon domiciles your business within Joseon jurisdiction and law. Joseon recognizes businesses as individual entities, thus separating your personal assets of your personal entity from that of your business.

  • 0% Corporate Taxes

    Joseon does not tax corporations. Maximize your ROI with Joseon.

  • Jurisdiction of Freedom

    Joseon is the only nation with freedoms deeply enshrined in its governing laws. Enjoy the laissez faire environment and conduct business without archaic, burdensome regulation that wasn't meant for our time period.

  • Protect your Privacy and Identity

    Joseon is commited to privacy. It will not disclose your identity to anyone short of a valid warrant with a treatied country.

  • Simple Registration

    Joseon provides the simplest business registration process across all nations.

  • Float, no need to sink

    Since shares in Joseon companies are delegated by Mun ERC-20 smart contracts, there is no concept of a public or private company. There are just companies. Stay private, or go public! It's your choice - not ours or any other government.

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