Common People's (상민) Era


The First Cyber Nation-State recognized by a UN Member Nation

Who we are

Joseon is engaged in humanitarian efforts to expand its global impact.

As the first sovereign cyber nation, Joseon is introducing the legal concept of a personal interest corporation (or “Denizen”), decoupling identity and reputation from a physical person.

Joseon is the non-territorial successor state to the Joseon Empire which was founded in 1392.

  • Country name
    Chosen Empire, Joseon, Corean Empire and Korean Empire
  • Language
    All, as per free speech, as promulgated in Chapter II #3 of the Code of National Governance.
  • Religion
    All, as per freedom of religion, as promulgated in Chapter II #2 of the Code of National Governance.
  • Government
    Direct Democratic Constitutional Monarchy

Sovereign of Joseon

Sovereign of Joseon

“It is an honor and privilege to have you with us on our journey, as we truly change the world to create ‘happiness.’”

Our goal … is to bring back the Wild Wild West that we loved so much, because it creates a system in which people are able to learn what they wish to learn, say what they wish to say, experience what they wish to experience, and create what they wish to create.

His Imperial Highness,
King Andrew Lee

Foreign relations

Joseon seeks friendly, peaceful and productive relations with all other states who extend to it the same.

Joseon unequivocally makes no claim to any territory on the Korean Peninsula and seeks friendly relations with those who now live in and govern dominions once considered to be under the imperium of the Joseon Empire.

Antigua and Barbuda

Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Belgium

French Republic

United Kingdom

United States of America





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