Mark Karpelès

Born 1985 in Dijon, France. He became interested in computers from childhood and started programming at the age of three. Around the age of 15, he started a server hosting business with friends and people he met on the internet. After joining a game company at the age of 18 and working for about a year and a half, he undertook a lot of individual engineering work. Joined Téléchargement.FR (now Nexway SA) as a developer at the age of 20. He was co-director of Research and Development, and was also in charge of payments.

Moved to Japan in 2009, where he established TIBANNE Inc. and started a server hosting business. In 2011, he took over the Bitcoin business of MtGox and took over its operation. Experienced the sharp Bitcoin price variations and became the world's largest exchange, however in 2014, it was hacked and collapsed. In 2015, he was arrested on charges of illegal creation of electromagnetic records, and embezzlement, but in March 2019 he won a de facto acquittal.

His hobby is making apple pie. He has a deep knowledge of Japanese anime and manga, and received the nickname “Anime Sommelier”.

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